My story

My name’s Quyen, I’m 21 years old. At present, I’m living, studying and working at The Will To Live centre (WTL). I have had a disability since childhood, so it’s has given me some difficulties while walking and moving, also made people around me pretty hard to help me in daily activities, mostly is going to school.

Nguyen Van Hung's story

Hello everyone, My name is Nguyen Van Hung. I’m 22 years old, my hometown is Nghe An province. I am only 144centimeter high and weigh 18kg and being small like this has been obstacles for me.


Esoftflow, a Joint Venture of the Danish Embassy’s Business-to-Business Programme, has been known as an attractive destination for the disadvantaged people who like to work with computer and graphic. If people ask who is the smallest, but not small at all in Esoftflow, everyone would say: “That’s Thao Van”. The little girl weighs only around 20kg and is in a wheelchair, but holds a huge ambition by working with IT and helping other disabled.

Hoping for better

Although IT entrepreneur Nguyễn Công Hùng is only able to move his little finger, he manages to bring hope, knowledge and dignity to other disable people. Eight years ago, Nguyen Cong Hung established the Will to Live Center, which to date has trained more than 700 physically disabled people in the field of IT. More than 300 graduates have found work and have a steady income.

Power by The Will to Live